December 1, 2008

George Loves His High Hats

This album contains some of Boy George's best tracks, and a couple of his near worst. I read on Wiki this was put together from two different British albums, specifically for the US market. Except for a few Culture Club tracks (Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, The War Song, Love Is Love (especially the much improved '02 mix), I much prefer his solo works- of which it seems so many are scattered among minor labels, promo-only releases or snips of shelved projects nixed by major label non-interest or his own short attention span. George is a first rate pop composer, and with a lot of heavy help on this album (including Bobby Z co-composing some, and playing drums on all but 4) the best tracks make a pretty great listen:

-Don't Take My Mind On A Trip- now dated by that T. Riley 'new jack', still a good pop single.

-You Are My Heroin- "You keep saying kick it, quit it. Lord but did you ever try. To turn your sick soul inside out, so that the world could watch you die?" I'd love to hear a longer version with the instrumental track building instead of the chopped opening (and quick ending). Only a great song is too short at 6:18.

-I'm Not Sleeping Anymore- great soulful ballad, gets just a bit too crowded instrumentally with piano and a couple synths layered in.

-Kipsy- a perfect b-side for You Are My Heroin if it had been a single (heroin & ecstasy).

-Girl With Combination Skin- not much of a lyric (girl brings home a black guy and says 'you don't understand me'), but a beautiful music track / arrangement.

Other fave Boy George tracks (not on this album):

Time Machine w/ Amanda Ghost:

Out Of Fashion:

Generations Of Love:

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