December 11, 2008

When I started looking through [obsessing over] what new vinyl eBay sellers had to offer, I was so thrilled to see Brandi Carlile's The Story, and quickly disappointed by the $59.99 price of the only copy listed. Eventually I would have been willing to pay that, you know- when my fortune comes in, but at the time I offered the seller $30 + shipping. Thankfully, by then, I had started to get a clue about eBay and what's listed as RARE vinyl. While I waited / hoped to hear back from the seller, whom hours later accepted my offer, I hopped over to amazon where I found several sellers had sealed copies for under 10 bucks. I emailed about 5 sellers to confirm their stock and heard back from all of them: yes it's vinyl and yes it's in stock and ready to ship. I didn't even order the cheapest one- something to do with Karma I suppose. I went with the $6.10 listing (+2.48 ship). When I heard back from the ebay seller, I was quite happy to say thanks but no-thanks and why.

When it arrived I was disappointed the cover isn't embossed or a gatefold as it looks to be- but otherwise it's beautifully printed with double lyric and photo sleeves, housing 2 pretty heavy discs. These songs were recorded in just a few days, to tape, using vintage instruments supplied by producer T Bone Burnett.

It turns out less than 1500 copies of this were pressed. Seems crazy to me, it's one of those albums perfect for vinyl, like the Cowboy Junkies' Trinity Session, KD Lang's Ingenue, Mark Lanegan's Whiskey For The Holy Ghost, and Shelby Lynne's Just A Little Lovin', to name but a few.

The title track gave me chills the first time I heard it on one of the video channels, I immediately downloaded most of the album on iTunes along with her first full album. I'm so glad to have nabbed a copy of the record.

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