January 29, 2009


I had read there was a picture disc version of the first Godsmack album, but couldn't find photos of the discs online. I stalled on picking this up locally because it looked like a regular edition and I wanted the picture discs IF at least one side featured the cover. Then I found out their 'best of' 10 Years Of Godsmack was also released as double picture disc vinyl- so now I'm on the hunt for that instead, and went ahead an grabbed the regular issue of this.

There is no indication of it, but to my surprise when I opened this I found it IS the picture disc version (apparently the only version), and disc one does feature the cover and the tribal sunburst on the flip-side. Disc two is the band with a rather bland graphic on the reverse.
Pretty excellent album on 180gram, double picture disc, gatefold set for $14.99. My fave tracks are the usual- Whatever, Keep Away, Bad Religion and Voodoo- one of my fave 90's songs. (All are also on 10 Years Of Godsmack).

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