March 19, 2009

Am I black or white, am I straight or gay?

Most recent ebay score: sealed copy for 7 bucks & change!

Controversy was my first Prince album. I first bought the 45 of Controversy when it was getting radio play on WVKO in late '81, and then I started hearing Let's Work not long after Christmas and knew I was going to buy the album the next time I got to the city.

I also loved The Time's first single Get It Up, and then Cool, and had their album on my list as well without knowing the two albums were related in any way. When Cameo's Be Yourself hit the airwaves in early '82, I had enough money saved to buy all three albums. I finally got a ride to the closest record store- Buzzard's Nest Records on the south end of Columbus. When I got home, I immediately took them to my girlfriend's house to show off and play.

While looking over my new albums and dishing the usual good-hearted jabs that my unknown father must be black because I liked dancing to that jigaboo music, she and her family insisted that not only did the music and the vocals sound like the same person, but that Morris and Prince on the cover photos were the same person. I insisted they were all crazy

It wasn't until I later bought Vanity 6, The Time's What Time Is It and Prince's 1999 that I figured out it was all Prince related.

Funny that the three albums I bought one day in early 1982, are still 3 of my biggest faves.

The dude above holding the poster that comes with Controversy is Tim Varney. He doesn't know I swiped his pic but you can read his blog here.

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Jeff said...

Sweet score - and for 7 bucks!