May 9, 2009

Well, It *Looks* Tasty...

The sounds of the Beach Boys never appealed to me, even though Good Vibrations was the #1 song during my birth week. Had I come of age on the California coast during a more innocent age, perhaps my music tastes would be quite different.

Singing Dog had a few copies priced at $8.99, I figured I give it a try.

Online samples I skipped through promised nothing of interest for me when I first started browsing vinyl sites. Playing the record now, I find the cover art far more inspiring than the music. That's not to say it sucks or anything, it's probably a damn fine record if you're a fan of Wilson, or even Broadway albums in general- 'cause that's exactly how this plays- like a Broadway soundtrack.
This release screams to be on orange vinyl or picture disc- but it's still nicely done on black 180 gram, packed in a sleeve with lyrics and nice gatefold jacket.
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Jeff said...

Wow - $8.99 is a great price! I agree with you that this album sounds like a musical. In concert he played the show from start to finish without any breaks, and it was awesome, especially for the fans. Very much a Brian Wilson sound, tho - so I can see how you might not love it if you don't much care for the Beach Boys. I LOVE this album - it was one of my faves of last year ( My faves are "Morning Beat" and "Oxygen".