June 16, 2010

Waxing The Wall Pt. 2

This project started in late '06 when I spotted album frames for sale at a Michael's Crafts while looking for decorating ideas for when i moved into my own place again within the next few months.  I immediately started planning which albums to use- what 10 albums most made up the soundtrack of my life?  Looking to add covers of more recent faves to old faves I thought I still had, 2 years later what should have been a simple decorating idea resulted in awakening my love for the format that I abandoned 18 years prior

Four years later, temporary covers still remain in the same 10 frames waiting for the final selections so it can be completed. The project has now evolved into an additional 40 frames on the opposite wall- the graphic above is the plan, though a few selections are still undecided because some of these 40, may go into the original 10 already up, and be kept separate as my 10 most important albums.  I did the graphic when I still planned to move the original 10 over to the wall with 30 additional frames.  But I have since bought a full 40 more frames and will keep these 10 separate- either for my all-time top ten, 12" picture discs to go with the 45rpm picture discs above, OR to cut 12"x12" parts from old music posters I've had rolled up for 20-30 years.  OR, just move away from music and print/frame over-sized photos I've taken of various things over the years.  Still undecided.

Aspects of the 40-frame wall are also still undecided:
  1. Do I use more than I cover per artist like Prince, Jackson and Deb Harry? Off The Wall is by far my fave, but Thriller is by far the better cover. And the Jacksons live album and cover are fantastic! I wouldn't mind losing Purple Rain from the wall, but I have to keep 1999 even though Controversy is my fave Prince cover. And would that mean The Time has to go as well?
  2. Do I want greatest hits compilations like Heart, Stevie Wonder, the Cure and Zeppelin? The Heart and Wonder comps are HUGE faves, the Cure comp is a colorful alternative to the dreary Disintegration cover. And something Zeppelin has to be up, why not represent them with one of the best box sets in recent years?
  3. Regarding promo flats:

    • Is it acceptible to use them instead of real covers or is that somehow cheating?
    • What about for albums never available on vinyl like the Cure, Collective Soul and Prodigy- all great and colorful covers?  
    • If I paid $50 for it, do I want the real thing getting faded when I could have a $3 exact replica flat for Zeppelin or the Beatles?
I do feel flats are at least acceptable as fillers until the real thing can be obtained- like Live's The Distance To Hear- of which the album was like a religious experience for me, and since the start has been planned on one way or another. For this case, I recently bought a 12" promo flat until the record once again comes up for sale.

More later...

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