August 19, 2010

the Cure: Mixed Up

A recent eBay win from Used Kids, I was going to wait for the re-issue to come out before deciding to open it, as I would prefer a remastered pressing. However, next in the remaster program is Mixed Up "2"- not Mixed Up. So there may not be a remaster of this set, and even if so it may get skipped as a vinyl release like Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me did (WHY?).  So I opened it.

The last Cure vinyl I saw back in the day was Disintegration and its singles/12"s, so this vinyl package is all new to me!

Both sleeves are printed, both in a single-pocket jacket, all featuring some of the worst album art ever.  But some of the best 12" mixes ever made!

Okay, worst album art ever is a bit extreme- it does fit the theme I suppose, and why waste a decent art campaign on a between-real-albums remix set? 

Fascination Street and Hot Hot Hot!!! are both in my top 10 favorite extended mixes list- and I still plan to find them factory sealed on the cheap someday- but it's very cool to have them squashed into one set as well.

As remix albums go, this is no less the mixed bag any other is. The original extended mixes are all classics, the Pictures Of You dub is excellent as is the overhauled Close To Me. The other new mixes from this era, of which only 4 appear here, are interesting but just don't belong que'd between the classic 12"s.  Why Can't I Be You was left off the CD.

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