September 10, 2010

If you've had some items sitting in your cart until you find that perfect bargain to put you over the $25 mark for free shipping- this might be it!  Madonna's 2LP/1CD+12" is bargain-bin priced that began at $6.49 and climbs a few cents each day. Today- Sept 10th, it is still $6.83.

Not sure how much I will play this, the last few albums have not been my favorite Madonna era (Ray Of Light/Music was), but the tasty looking colored discs were worth the price.Pitchfork wasn't too kind.

Who doesn't love the 'bow-chikka-bowow' of 70's porn music?  Well this is a bit more than that- this is serious jazz/funk/rock stuff right from the original sessions of porn studio Fantasy Productions, who had their own band creating the soundtracks.  When Fantasy owner died, eventually everything fell into the hands of the son, who thought people might like to hear this unreleased music.  Thanks Dude!!!

Lots more to read about Secret Stash here, and of course their own blog & website here!

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