September 10, 2010

Lovin' Spoonful!

FINALLY made it to the brand new Spoonful Records in downtown Columbus!  Sadly, I missed the big opening day, the same day a friend came up from Cincinnati to get a record store tour. That should teach me a lesson about never looking at the local arts/entertainment/community papers.

I parked at a meter in front, but they do have use of a lot down the alley.

Upon entering, I was enthusiastically greeted from behind the counter by owner Brett Rulan, several people browsed about while I did a quick walk through to see what was where- very nice and uncluttered setup. When I got back to the front of the store and started flipping through new Jazz arrivals- a crate atop the end of the counter- Brett introduced himself and talked some about his goal with the store and wanting to know what people would like him to carry. Extremely personable guy, you can tell the man loves vinyl- and he loves that YOU love vinyl, and wants to see you find something special. His prices seem more than fair on used titles, and even quite low on the new releases he has in stock. Every used record I inspected looked incredibly clean if not unplayed.  I loved the clean, almost 1950's vibe here, and will be back often!  See more of Brett's story here on Columbus Underground.

I ended up buying a few unknown titles- Plastiqa by Silver Jet on import 10" orange vinyl ($3), Mission of Burma's 2LP The Obliterati ($10, RTI 180gram), and Notes From The Underworld by Persephone's Bees ($10, new), which I only picked up because the cover looked interesting (as with the others), but when Brett saw I had it in my hand, he came over to tell me it was the latest release on his own Spoonful label and he was quite proud to have acquired the license to release it, and with exclusive alternate vocals in Russian on some of the tracks.  I couldn't pass that up!  And WOW I love this wild album- and look forward to picking up some other Spoonful releases.  Total for the day: something used, something new, something local, something colored, a 45, and even supported the CD medium with a couple $1 Blue Note CD3 promo samplers stacked up at the register.  ♥@Spoonful!

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