October 12, 2010

Cat Power: The Greatest

Every time I finger-flipped through her records beginning in Oct. '08, I thought to myself: "Who is this Cat Power, her records are everywhere?" I would pick them up and look them over, intrigued, and put them back.  Why do they snag my attention every single time?  Then for Record Store Day '09 I was browsing for a new purchase, and decided to give in to the allure of that glowing foil-like pink cover. I knew nothing about it or her.

When the room filled up with piano, guitar and the airy vocal of the first song, I was caught in one of those perfect moments of musical discovery.  How had I never heard of this person?  After a few songs, I was on the internet reading everything Cat Power/Chan Marshal google fed me.

RTI manufactures the most beautiful albums. Every time I see their silver foil sticker, I have to fight the urge to buy it, even for artists I don't like or don't know. 
I know the sound will be as stunning as the packaging because these people love the music and the package as much as I do- they want it to be as perfect when it's opened as I do.  And it always is.
Record Technology Incorporated
'A Visit to RTI'

The CD originally came in 3 different cover portraits (above), with a bonus track no longer available on CD but is included on the vinyl.

The cover is a pink print on reflective foil.  The 180 gram record is in a thick RTI clear sleeve, accompanied by a printed photo insert with lyrics/credits.  Plain white card with download code.

The Greatest @ metacritic.

Pitchfork has a lengthy review with all the details of the veteran Memphis musicians participating on this.

The Greatest (excellent fan video):

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