September 7, 2011

Sola Rosa: Get It Together

Discovered this album while reading about Jacob Escobedo for my Broken Bells post- looking at his artwork lead me to the work of Dan Stiles, who did the cover for the vinyl edition of Sola Rosa's Get It Together.

Of course the colorful art and vinyl were interesting enough at first glance- but when I played the first song sample, Del Ray, I knew 30 seconds into it that I had to buy it.

There are 500 hand-numbered copies pressed on 200 gram ice blue vinyl by Pirates Press, and a matching numbered and autographed silkscreen 12" print of the cover by Dan Stiles that contains elements in gold, to celebrate the album being certified Gold.

The printed inner sleeve is die-cut on one side, showing the stunning label surrounded by matching artwork, and lyrics/credits on the reverse.  It's a very tight fitting inner sleeve, so you'll want to add a more protective, looser fitting one, which fits fine in the single jacket.

This was remastered and trimmed from 11 to 8 songs to optimize the sound and space of vinyl. The included download is offered at time of purchase and includes the full 11 track album plus 3 exclusive (slightly different) mixes.
There is also a remix version of the album available, and an instrumental version of that (neither on vinyl). Downloads are your choice of several file types like 320kbps and FLAC.

From  "This is an album balancing both organic and electric elements, that are fused with precision and intensity. Mixing effortlessly between all kinds of funky sounds the album incorporates parts of dub, hip hop, lounge, jazz and whatever else can help set the scene. It even includes a song that sounds like the next James Bond theme. The results of the flexible production is a eclectic mix of brilliant songs". -Yossarian

Humanised Feat. Bajka - Sola Rosa from Sola Rosa on Vimeo.

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