September 22, 2011


From 2009, Lotusflow3r was an inexpensive 3CD set containing two Prince albums: Lotusflow3r, and MPLSound, and a 3rd disc by latest protege Bria Valente called Elixer.  Sold exclusively through Target, the set was packaged in a cheapie tri-fold card slipcase for $11.98. The exceptionally low price helped it debut at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, and #1 on the R&B and Independent Albums charts. Target later discounted it to as little as 99¢.

The vinyl version wasn't so cheap- a limited edition French import from label Because Music, featuring only the two Prince albums, in a beautiful gatefold jacket with a folded 2-sided poster of the cover art by Anthony Malzone. The standard weight discs have custom labels on each side, and are packaged in black paper die-cut sleeves. 

MPLSound is also available as a stand-alone single disc album with it's own cover variation, but usually priced only a few bucks less than the double set.

As mentioned, artist Anthony Malzone did the stunning art for the album covers as well as promotional materials, tour posters, stage design, stage apparel, web graphics, video graphics- all of Prince's art direction during this and into the 20Ten period.

He produced a series of 7 fine art giclée 28"x36" prints from the Lotusflow3r campaigne, editions of 99 each were signed by Malzone and embossed with Prince's glyph, and sold for $1,000 each.

Anthony Malzone.
LotusFlower @ metacritic.

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