October 19, 2011

Glen Campbell's Farewell: Ghost On The Canvas

One of the best albums of 2008 was Meet Glen Campbell, the country legend's 60th album, according to Wikipedia.

It was an all-covers album with songs by big rock names like U2, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, the Replacements, Lou Reed, spun into Campbell's signature 70's sound. 

How does a 75 year old artist follow that up?  Sadly, now that Campbell is dealing with Alzheimer's Disease, the follow-up is a 'farewell' companion to Meet.

It's a beautifully reflective and thankful album, and while not like the death toll of Johnny Cash's last works, you can't help but feel a sadness in the goodbye.

The LP was pressed by Pirates Press and comes in a sleeve printed with lyrics/credits/photos, inside a nice gatefold jacket. Download card is included. 

Also available is a deluxe hardback book set with CD, LP, lyrics, photos, biography, litho print of Campbell, and bonus tracks.  An autographed version is also available.

Ghost On The Canvas on Metacritic.
Glen Campbell online.
Pirates Press.


Jeff said...

I love love love this album.

The Ripple Effect said...

Okay . . . I gotta' find this record!