July 19, 2012

Dawn Landes: Sweet Heart Rodeo

I rarely get to see shows of any kind due to gut issues, but recently I got to see Dawn Landes perform a handful of songs at Spoonful here in Columbus. I hadn't heard her music before so of course I checked her out on youtube before the show- I did not want to miss it! She was great- just her and her guitar for a handful of songs. She is incredibly talented and charming, sweet, humble- all the stuff that makes you feel like long lost friends in the 3 minutes of chatting while she signs your record after the set. Please read the review on PopMatters- they say it all so much better than I can, and then go pick up this record! It's a single splattered disc with lyrics insert- a humble presentation letting the music outshine the packaging.

Dawn Landes online.
Dawn Landes on FaceBook

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