July 6, 2012

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Finally, I have my own copy of The Wall on vinyl, that I got to open fresh from the record store!

If I understand correctly- this reissue is cut by Doug Sax at The Mastering Labs, from a new digital master done by James Guthrie using the original analog master tapes. So that means that although the original tapes were used, this is a digital mastering. I don't care because it sounds fantastic, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying an original sealed copy.

Pressed at RTI, this is double 180 gram set, in a gatefold jacket with all Gerald Scarfe's original artwork restored by Storm Thorgerson. Inner sleeves are on sturdy card, and the records are packaged in high grade plastic sleeves. Included is a newly produced lyrics poster and download card. The false backing can be used as a sticker, but the front-side title sticker is not translucent and is already affixed directly on the cover (should have been either loose or on clear, or printed right on the cover).

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