July 7, 2012

Spider-Man 3

With solid cuts from the The Killers, Flaming Lips, Snow Patrol, Wolfmother, Jet, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs- all exclusive to, and most written specifically for, this release at the time- it would be a fantastic soundtrack if you stopped there, but then they filled it with a shit-ton of incredible cuts by lesser-known bands and made this the best soundtrack of 2007.  

The biggest highlights for me are the perfect ballad by Jet: Falling Star, Simon Dawes' Scared of Myself, and Snow Patrol's Signal Fire, which was originally turned down for the Shrek 3 movie.

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's could fill an album just with her work for soundtracks. Their track Sealings, included here, is also featured in the video game Driver: Parallel Lines.

Inclusion of Chubby Checker's Twist midway through the album is a questionable choice (James Brown's Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul, also used in the film, would have been a better one), but the exclusion of The Flaming Lips' Theme from Spider-Man cover... can only be called blasphemous! It was included as a digital bonus exclusively from the official website only. WTF?!

The vinyl came in several choices: black, solid red, and a more limited red & black swirl. Those came in a nice gatefold with full-color inner sleeves (above) and poster.

Multiple picture disc sets were also made: 4 different sets, limited to 1000 each. A 4-song EP single was also done as a 10" picture disc with Snow Patrol, the Flaming Lips, the Walkmen, and Rogue Waves.

Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack online.
Spider-Man 3 online.

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