August 16, 2012

Jack White: Blunderbuss

My most anticipated album of the year. Great album but it doesn't stick to my ribs like White Stripes or Raconteurs did.  Guess I was hoping for something on par with Icky Thump?

3 7"singles so far- all with exclusive b-sides  including a cover of U2's Love Is Blindness (maybe the best JW cut of the year so far). All the b-sides, plus his previous 7" single-only cut Fly Farm Blues, are all on itunes now.

Also available: an etched 12" of Sixteen Saltines (album version). It's the first ever playable etched vinyl side. 

Jack loves his vinyl and it always shows: tip-on gatefold holds a 180 gram disc in a black paper inner sleeve. The inside gate shows the same photo on both sides (wtf?), but a folded insert has a couple more photos and lyrics/credits. A download card is included.

The uber limited 'lightening bolt' pressing has an undisclosed number of pressings.

Reviews at metacritic.

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