November 26, 2008

2007 & 2008 Fave: Jack White

Icky Thump dominated my music playing time from when it came out in June '07 until May '08 when I picked up Consolers Of The Lonely and then that dominated. My mp3 disc for the car contained all but 3 tracks between both. Now it seems one album isn't complete without the other. I love Jack and Meg together as much as I love him in a full band sharing reins with Brendan.

Vinyl copies are my 3rd copies of both releases- first from iTunes, than CDs. In comparing the sound between vinyl and CD- I prefer the crunchy CD sound over the smoother vinyl for Icky Thump. I can't tell a difference between Consolers.

I'd rather listen to Jack White as a lo-fi experience.

Steve Hoffman mastered the vinyl, but for Icky Thump the tapes were missing Meg's vocals on Rag And Bone- that's kinda of a big 'whoops!'

Nothing beats full-size album covers, and these are exceptional double vinyl packages.

Icky Thump is a black & white gatefold with a red seal. 180g records are in audiophile white sleeves, but there is a 4 page printed insert with lyrics, credits and a couple of poems- one a decade worth of thank-you's.

Consolers of the Lonely is also 180g records, in a tri-fold jacket. There are 4 portraits on heavy card stock with each members initials on the back. The records are in audiophile sleeves. When unfolded, the cover is a full 3 panel photo.

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