November 27, 2008

Just A Little Lovin' For Thanksgiving

I'd been saving my first listen to Shelby Lynne's Dusty Springfield tribute Just A Little Lovin' for a special occasion. I thought I would wait until the 4th anniversary of being single coming early December, but after a nice quiet day, a belly full of ugly bird and its trimmings, a couple of weak drinks, tonight is the perfect night to savor this most delicious album.

The extent of my knowledge of Dusty Springfield is limited to.. well.. a few of these songs sound familiar but I'm sure Dusty has been covered by countless artists, I may have heard anyone's version including Springfield's. I will definitely be checking into her stuff now because this album is just so beautiful and well done. I bought this record based on amazon samples after I saw it listed on eBay, customer reviews, and because the cover just looked like an album I might love on days like this. And because I love Shelby's duet with Ed on Live's 'best of' version of Runaway, much improved over the original. It was available though Amazon sellers for $8, it was a must-have.

I've read Shelby has been in the country music biz for a decade, and Dusty is a huge inspiration. This album barely comes across as a country album. I'm going to look into her back catalog as well. She insisted this album be an analog recording for vinyl, and in the video she is seen dropping the needle like a pro. (I've always used the cue myself, but I'm planning on a fully manual table soon).

Here is what Shelby has to say regarding vinyl on her website:
"I was born in 68. Mama and Daddy had albums. I grew up listening to their vinyl. I have discovered that having a vinyl collection is so much cooler than having an Ipod. Now, I have an Ipod and I admit they are genius especially for travel and convenience. But they aren't really any fun. I don't call up my friends and say "Hey why don't y'all come over and bring your computers and let's have a party"? Hell no! I say bring pot, wine and vinyl. That's sexy. It's really a great excuse to get together and listen to music. Everybody takes a turn looking through the collection and it's interesting to see what each person plays. The vinyl way is just me. I think if if we all listen to more music together it really doesn't matter how we do it. Music will save us all just like it always has. We feed our souls with it. Vinyl just creates a little more discussion for us. You get to look at the covers, the liner notes, sometimes the lyrics are included. Plus you can roll a doobie on it. That's hard on an Ipod."

She also speaks about how the trouble of recording on analog tape yields sweeter results despite the trouble:

It's 180g vinyl, plain white paper inner sleeve with no inserts or goodies. The only minor liner notes are on the back cover (track titles with composer credit, staff credits, musicians, design/photography (Randy St. Nicholas) and www info). Even with the lack of reading material, this will be a long-time fave, especially on Holidays.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A large portion of the first pressings of Shelby's album have fill defects, causing right channel distortion. A second pressing was done to correct the problem, however the first pressing was NOT recalled and many defective copies are still being distributed. When purchasing this album, make sure you can return it to the seller if it's defective, or be sure you are buying the second pressing from a site such as (they highly recommend the second pressing). There is NO marked difference between pressings on either the cover nor the dead wax- matrix numbers and initials are the same. MANY report the same or only slightly less problems with the second pressing. It's still the most amazing album if you can tolerate a little noise.