December 3, 2008

My amazon review:  For anyone wondering what the packaging is like for the VINYL edition of this most excellent set- the only way to truly appreciate the visual work put into this project is to see it full-scale by way of the double LP set.

The 180 gram discs are beauties, labeled with gray/black centers and housed in a beautiful glossy black gatefold with flat black illustrations and the beloved AC/DC logo crystallized in blood red on the front. The inside follows this design minus the logo but with red liner notes at the bottom of each side, and each side of the 2 inner sleeves are printed in full black & red. Leave these inside for safe keeping, but get yourself new sleeves that better protect the records (these kind of picture paper sleeves are notorious for causing light scuffing on the record surface, doesn't effect playback but seems unsightly in my opinion. Plus we all know how paper creates dust over time).

Every single cut is killer here- all the other great reviews are dead on. If I had to complain about something, I'd say some cuts could have been extended with longer solos- hardly a valid gripe. Producer Brendan O'Brien has pulled the best album possible out of an old fave. Pick the CD up for your car or office, but I suggest for home listening you dig out your old turntable if you haven't already, nab this beauty on vinyl and really experience it.

(Right: also available: vinyl 45 of Rock N' Roll Train)

I photo'd these in direct sunlight for the best possible representation. I wiped any visible dust from them between shots but it proved impossible to not have dust reflecting anyway. The speckles you see in the photos is dust reflecting the light, not imperfections in the print.

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