March 12, 2009

Like many people my age, the dawn of MTV brought U2 to my attention slowly with the singles Gloria, New Year's Day, and Sunday Bloody Sunday. By 1984 I was living The Unforgettable Fire, and my blood was equal parts Prince, Jackson & U2.

That is, until Prince put out the double disappointing Sign O' The Times at the same time U2's Joshua Tree landed and became my music focus for the summer of '87.

Let down by Lovesexy in '88, again U2 pulled ahead in my preference with the huge media machined Rattle And Hum (my second fave concert film, behind Sign O' The Times). Of course, Jackson had the world in his grip again, albeit to a lesser extent that time around.

Rattle And Hum continues as my fave U2 album, unfairly so since I did not follow them into Achtung Baby territory even though a few excellent singles were born from that set. After that, I was lost on the directions of their projects. For me, No Line seems to fit as a studio follow-up to The Joshua Tree, and it's almost as good. But I say that having not heard their last 4 albums.

The art direction is as well similar to The Joshua Tree, inverted. Both black and white themes- No Line being white, Joshua Tree being black. Both perfectly set the tone of the music within. The booklet included has more ethereal b&w photos and a center lyric sheet. Both inner sleeves are printed.

I had no intentions of picking this set up, wasn't even curious about it. I read online there would only be 7500 vinyl copies available (I doubt this was true since all of my local vinyl stores had multiple copies). But when I caught their second night on Letterman, performing Magnificent, I fell back in love with their sound and couldn't wait to go look for it the next day.
No Line On The Horizon @ metacritic.


Jeff said...

I debated getting this after hearing at the record store. I really like it. One of my shops is selling it for $22.99. Thanks for posting this!

HiRize said...

Definitely worth the price, that's what I paid. Now I'm looking at some other U2 vinyl like the re-issues Rattle And Hum, Joshua Tree or U2:18 package...