March 9, 2009

Singing Dog Records

Went back to the Dog today to pick up the AC/DC re-issue I spotted Saturday but passed up in favor of Jet's Get Born & Madonna's 2LP Immaculate Collection- both dirt cheap! I've been waiting for Back In Black to come in since I found myself browsing the Dog again last October- being the biggest selling rock album of all time, they probably can't press enough of these on 180gram vinyl. I've watched it sell for 50-80 bucks on the Bay, so it's great to see it shipping again so AC/DC & vinyl fans new and old can pick it up without paying the secondary markup.

Since I was going, I grabbed my camera to take some snaps of my mostest favoritest, jammin'est spot on the planet. Thanks guys for letting me take some snaps...

One of my first blogs here includes my first trip back to the Dog in forever, it can be found here: Sure Missed The Dog!

Below: guess I should have warned them I was taking their pic? Owner Jim is on the left, Brad on the right.

(Even offered to snap one of me- how cool is that?)

Check them out online:

UPDATE: Singing Dog closed its doors for good 8 months after this post, and though the web site says they will open again online, there has been no activity on the site since the store closed up.
R.I.P Singing Dog.

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