March 30, 2009

The Soundtrack That Isn't.

I've never heard of the Decemberists before but have seen a few of their vinyls in the local bins over the past few months, all with intriguing artwork. After I saw this one with its dark watercolor-looking theme, I remembered to check them out online when I got home. From the samples I heard, I knew I had to go back and get it immediately.

Its subtlety and delicacy are matched by its thunder as it tells a story like a soundtrack to some heart-breaking classic movie I'd love to see. Actually it seems quite influenced by Pink Floyd's soundtrack, though there's nothing here as classic as on The Wall.

The heavy vinyl (vinyls?) are in thick card sleeves with painted portraits of band members. The gatefold jacket contains lyrics and a full-band photo. Probably will be one of the best albums of '09.

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