March 31, 2009

Madonna: Immaculate Price!

Even the most casual fan of Madonna or 80's hits shouldn't pass up this double vinyl for only $10.99! Her charting stats are phenomenal with 48 Billboard Top 40 singles (37 of those Top 10!), and 68 Top 40 singles in the UK- 62 of them hit the Top 10!! Twelve #1 hits here, thirteen #1 hits over there. Only the Beatles and Mariah Carey have had more #1 hits, but Madonna has been in the top 40 more than either, on both sides of the pond.

Every song here hit the Billboard Top 10, except Burning Up which was a #1 Dance hit but only reached #16 on the Hot 100. Eight of the 17 singles included were #1 hits. Ten were #1 Dance hits.  Mariah may have had more #1 hits, but never came close to pushing the envelope or being a pioneer in music video, fashion, and full-on media Icon that Madonna has consistently been.

Two regular weight records are in white sleeves in a nice gatefold featuring a short singles biography.  Hopefully they'll release her GHV2 on double vinyl as well!
Madonna on facebook.

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