April 4, 2009

Fancy Franz

Love this double album by Franz Ferdinand. Heavily influenced by Jamaican Dub and Electronica, this 3rd set from the guys is for dancing.

Pictured above are two variations variations of the album title sticker (on the actual cover, not on the outside cellophane).  If you bought the album on Record Store Day, you should have received a free 12" of Ulysses.  I didn't know until it was too late and bought my copy a few days too early, but Thunderpussy gave me a copy on RSD when I brought it to their attention.

According to the sticker there is a code enclosed to download the album- the copy I kept has no code. Grrrrrr....

Two 180 gram discs in a nice gatefold (gatefolds are my fave!). The discs are in plain white sleeves but there is a 4-panel lyric/photo sheet- perfect when the sleeves need replaced!

Alex Kapranos of the band commented - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is music of the night: to fling yourself around your room to as you psyche yourself for a night of hedonism, for the dance-floor, flirtation, for your desolate heart-stop, for losing it and loving losing it, for the chemical surge in your bloodstream. Its for that lonely hour gently rocking yourself waiting for dawn and it all to be even again.

review on pitchfork.com

Also available is a special edition of the entire album on six vinyl 7" discs, with two CDs- one of the album, the other a disc titled Blood with 6 dub mixes. Also comes with a DVD featuring the making of the album film, a 24 page hard cover book, and a special 45 dink. I really want this set but it's too pricey now

Also, initially limited to the singles box set, and then 500 vinyl pressings, the dub remix album Blood now has an additional vinyl release with extra songs not on the original pressing.
Tonight @ metacritic.

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