April 19, 2009

Celebrating Record Store Day- Part I

Didn't have near enough time today for Record Store Day (nor near enough money!), but at least I didn't completely miss out again like I did last year. The gut didn't settle until 1:30ish so I could get on the way, and I needed to be at the hospital by 3 (family crisis and needed to meet someone there while she was available). I didn't think my FAVE place was participating (not listed on the website as participating when I last checked, although now I see them listed), and I REALLY would have preferred to support the Dog today but I didn't have time to chance a campus meter being available within quick walking distance, and the other place- Thunderpussy- is not only closer but also has their own parking lot- so I only had time to stop in there for less than an hour. Definitely the most crowded I've ever seen Thunderpussy- but not near as busy as I expected.

Excellent music filled the space and it was great to see they extended the vinyl row of bins (I mentioned to them last week the vinyl was packed in way too tight).

Most important on my list were the vinyl samplers and I quickly spotted both on the counter with all the other freebies. I would have liked to have seen the Wendy & Lisa CD single I've read about being available, and wish they had extra RSD logo posters to give out or sell, but I can't complain about the fat bag of goodies I brought home: I picked up the 2 LP samplers, the Franz Ferdinand 12" (free when I mentioned buying the album a few days prior), 2x 45's, 10x CD samplers, a RSD folder and sheet of iron-ons. My purchases were Cat Power's the Greatest & Foo Fighter's double LP Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.
Was a pretty cool day.

See part two here.


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Jeff said...

Wow - you definitely scored on RSD! Thunderpussy is a great name for a store :).