April 5, 2009

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

I hadn't heard Wilco's music when I swapped the extra copy of Tonight: Franz Ferdinand for Sky Blue Sky, but I so often see them in other peoples faves list along side many other fave bands we have in common.

Though it's from mid-2007, Impossible Germany is my fave new song for '09- reminds me of so many other songs I love so much. Other highlights of this set for me: Either Way, You Are My Face, and the beautiful On And On And On.

An RTI pressing on heavy double vinyl in a nice gatefold jacket with a sheet of lyrics/pics.  The discs are in poly-lined white sleeves and though the album sticker ADVERTISES the inclusion of a "Bonus CD of the Complete Album", my copy came with a 3 song disc titled SELECTIONS FROM Sky Blue Sky! I checked the disc and it's definitely only 3 songs. I didn't read the sticker until I got home so I wasn't expecting the CD, but no doubt a disappointment for someone weighing the bonus disc with the $23.99 price. (Same for Franz Ferdinand missing the download code).


Please read the comment posted by the label regarding the missing full-length CD, Thanks to Nonesuch Records for posting the info!

I've read this is Wilco's most cohesive and most mellow release to date. Listening to the other albums on their website, I hear some great music, even some brilliant, but this is definitely a more refined work. According to the site, the next album will be out in June.
Sky Blue Sky @ metacritic.
Pitchfork: not too fond of it.
And Spin calls it a 'near perfect album'.

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Nonesuch Records said...

Great to hear you're enjoying Wilco's Sky Blue Sky. Sorry to read you received a copy from the pressing that mistakenly included the three-song sampler disc instead of the complete album on CD. We apologize for the mistake and are happy to replace the sampler with the full disc for customers who write to us through our site, nonesuch.com, or mail the incorrect disc to us at Nonesuch Records, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10104. Our apologies again for the mistake. Thanks!