April 5, 2009

First Timer

Had a very proud day 2 weeks ago when I took my almost 9 year old son for his first time at a real record store (Singing Dog, of course), and bought him his first vinyl! For his birthday he picked Fall Out Boy's Folie a Deux- double disc on colored vinyl. While browsing on his own he discovered the soundtrack to his favorite flick: The Fast And The Furious- he's probably watched it more than a hundred times. The price tag was dated 2002 so apparently it's been sitting there all this time waiting for him to find it! It's also a double set, with a nice 12.99 price (sealed). I paid for Fall Out Boy first since it was for his birthday, along with my Franz Ferdinand, then he paid for his soundtrack with his own money.

On to the next stop- Thunderpussy! (Yes, I giggled with him...) He found the Ting Ting's We Started Nothing and used the rest of his money.

Then we headed back to my apartment to play some records- his first time seeing a turntable. He can't open Fall Out Boy til his birthday, but we played the others and AC/DC's Black Ice. He changed a couple records and I let him use the cueing lever for a couple needle drops, he was pretty into it!

He took the jackets for F&F and Ting Tings home to put on the wall (left the vinyls here to play next time), when I went up to check it out he had also drawn and put up a sign that says 'Record Wall'. Sweet! Told him I call mine the Wall of Wax. I see his first turntable in the pretty near future. Was a pretty cool day that meant a great deal to me.

Update: When he opened his Fall Out Boy at his birthday party- all the ADULTS stood around amazed to see a full-sized album, even further in awe of the colored records. A few people fell in with his Aunt's comment: "I didn't know they still made records!"

2nd Update: A nice family turntable was dug out and cleaned up for Nick, a box of his mom's 80's records were discovered in the basement (Thriller and Bad among them), but it didn't hold his interest for long, and the record covers are no longer on his wall (since replaced by video game bimbos).  I'll try again in a few years.


Jeff said...

This post is SO AWESOME. He is always going to remember getting his first records with you. That's pretty F'n special.

Oh and BTW I love the Ting-Tings LP. I'm actually going to see them in a couple of hours here in Mpls! It's their second show here in less than a year.

HiRize said...

Thanks Jeff! I'm glad he decided to leave the records here- without any encouragement from myself I should add, so I can play the Ting-Tings disc! :) ENJOY THE SHOW!