July 22, 2009

Manson: Mechanical Animals

Apparently Marilyn Manson vinyl isn't easy to find at a reasonable price. With hopes of finding his latest release on wax, my eyes bulged when in its place I found Mechanical Animals brand new with a receiving date of 6/30/09, priced at 16 bucks! Perhaps a reissue? Didn't matter, I snatched it up. I had just been looking at Manson vinyl on eBay- and its disappointingly crazy prices, with precious few copies of this title listed. It was quite exciting to then open this and find it is the original two separate LPs- with blue and white vinyls! Released in '98 originally, it was later reissued by Simply Vinyl on black vinyls in a single jacket with no inserts at all.

As mentioned, it comes as two separate albums (separate jackets) packaged back-to-back in one shrink. The tracks are sequenced differently from the CD. One album is Omega and the Mechanical Animals, with songs about sex and drugs on transparent blue vinyl. The other album is as Marilyn Manson with songs of love and alienation, on white vinyl. Both contain lyric/photo inserts separate from the white vinyl sleeves.

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