July 22, 2009

Against Me!

Spin magazine's #1 album of '07, Rolling Stone included it in the 50 best of '07. From Gainseville FL, punk band Against Me! lands on Sire Records for their 4th studio set New Wave. These guys love their colored vinyl- an ebay search reveals tons of EPs and singles in various colors, and their first full length release, Reinventing Axl Rose, came in every color thinkable: red, peach, pink, green, light blue, dark blue, grey, charcoal, white, black and white, yellow, marbled grey... and that's just what's listed on eBay TODAY. This set, on translucent yellow vinyl, comes in a white sleeve with 1 page insert, and full-length CD.

Long-time fans say the band sold out to a major. I wouldn't know, this is the first I'm hearing them and I LOVE this album. Fave cuts are Thrash Unreal, Stop!, Born On The FM Waves Of Your Heart, Americans Abroad and The Ocean.

[videos no longer available]


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