July 19, 2009

Dead Weather: Horehound

I'd start this off with 'Jack White's new band, The Dead Weather...", except that it's clearly not Jack White's band. It's every bit as much Alison Mosshart's band as well. I've not yet heard any of The Kill's material, but I'll be checking them out after hearing Mosshart weave stories above and between Jack's wall-busting drum fills. She wails as loud as he hammers. The bass and guitars are thick with heavy lead fuzz and twisted organ sounds- this is rock & retro rolling blues for a new day. Bound to end up my '09 fave just as Consolers of the Lonely was in '08, and Icky Thump in '07. I had to download this to save wear on the wax.

Spread over 3 sides, the 4th is a so-so etching of the cover. Beautiful gatefold jacket with double lyric sheet. Discs in poly-lined whites.

My one glaring disappointment: 2 songs fade-out, not a big deal on the 3 Birds instrumental, but my fave track in the set, 60 Feet Tall- the most excellent album opener, fades just when shit should get real psychedelic for a minute and then finish. Instead they do a quick fade. Fuckers!


A limited run of 500 two-color vinyl were pressed, 200 plus to be sold in their own Nashville & NYC stores, the rest sent around the country to indie stores.
Dead Weather.
Third Man Records.

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