July 22, 2010

Saturday Booty

A new friend from Cincinnati came up Saturday to meet and go for a record store tour.  We hit Lost Weekend, Thunderpussy, browsed Evil Empire's crates at What The Rock?, and to my surprise both found a few treasures in the $1 bake bins at Used Kids.  

A couple have some dust but most of the vinyls look new or close to it. The Cult was $3 and the rest were a buck each for an $11 haul.  My Thunderpussy discoveries this trip were a used Beatles Love CD, and a Bee Gees Greatest iron on the owner found in some used records and set on the counter- having laughed with my new friend when he came across this album in my new records- I laughed when I pointed it out with a laugh when I noticed it on the store counter, and the owner gave it to me. Awesome!!

The Beatles Love album was my first Beatles vinyl, and now my first Beatles CD.
I know- pathetic!

Thanks again Ron for coming up and hanging out for the day, was great to browse the bins and talk music and stuff all day.  Next time we'll make it a listening party as well!

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Jeff said...

That iron-on rocks! Quite the score.