September 21, 2010

VinylDisc: Cool idea, but needs work...

While at Thunderpussy today with Chris, I saw this oddball disc sitting on the counter with other promo CDs.  As I asked out-loud how a CD could have an 'analog side' as it popped into my head that the flip side must be a record!  We opened one, and sure enough..!  But when we got home and put it on.... ugh.... it's very muddy and flat.

Any turntable without auto-return will play farther towards the spindle, maybe they could make use of that dead wax?  I have other 45 singles with 2 songs on a single side that sound good, so maybe it is just the recording or the vinyl side is too thin due to required CD thickness (er, thin-ness)?

Killer cool idea if they can perfect it somehow.

VinylDisc @ wikipedia

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