September 21, 2010

Watermelon & Cherries!

I had this little beauty in my hand for few seconds while browsing 99¢ singles, without knowing it was colored wax- I just thought the cover was interesting.  Without a price on it though, I assumed it was not part of the 99¢ titles- and some of Thunderpussy's singles can be outrageously priced up to 10 bucks or more!  I put it back.  A few minutes later I see Chris has it in his hands, he said it was 99¢.  I said it would be sweet if it were pink vinyl, took out the inner sleeve to reveal a kind of watermelon color!  SWEET!

My booty for the day- besides the Anberlin VinylDisc promo, and some other various CD promos, was a double 12" Dancehall Reggae set on bright cherry-red vinyl with what I thought was Lil' Kim doing a time-travel to a 1970's porn set! It's not Lil' Kim tho...

Each track on this set is a different artist doing their own thing over the Friendly Riddim music track.  Some more interesting than others, the best being the lead cut featuring Lil' Kim.  I had no idea what it was, but couldn't pass it up for $3.99.

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