September 25, 2010

Recent eBay 12" Scores:

Deb Harry's The Jam Was Moving from '81 fave Koo Koo.  This version is only slightly remixed with added guitar and hand-claps, and was included on the Blondie/Deb Harry compilation Once More Into The Bleach. The b-side is the gem here- the extended version of Inner City Spillover can be found nowhere else. I missed this 12" back in the day, nice to score a brand-new condition copy now. $7.24 total.

The Cure's Fascination Street 12" has been in my auto-search list (sealed) since Oct. '08 and come up for the first time.  This was a hefty $14 and change total, but it's probably my all-time #1 12" version of anything. This song seemed to both wrap up the angst of the 80's and push the closet doors open for me in one 8:48 rockin' dance track. A downtown alley called Wallstreet was my Fascination Street- my favorite gay/lesbian bar that played more progressive stuff like this on Wednesday nights. Great memories.

Another I missed back in the day!  I had almost all Prince & associated 12" releases, but never found this remix of G-Spot, never have even seen it used.  I've had a 'sealed Jill Jones' auto-search going on eBay since Oct. '08, this is the first time this has popped up for sale.  I was the only one to bid and won it for 99¢ +2.88 ship.
The exclusive b-side is also extended.

I've never heard of the John Hall Band or any of his singles including Love Me Again from this album. I'd been looking for a nice copy just for its awesome 80's cover but they sell regularly between 10-20 bucks for USED copies.  This is sealed and seems factory fresh, but bidding against 5 other people I still won it for $3.36 with free shipping! Add up the eBay listing fee, sales percentage, PayPal fee to receive payment, new LP mailer, postage and Delivery confirm- I think the seller lost a buck or two here. He even put it in a new poly-sleeve.

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