October 13, 2010

Like every other crazed Jackson fan in the grips of Thriller, I bought everything CBS slapped Jackson's name on.  Released in 1983, there was nothing exclusive here but I knew the red vinyl was special.  I don't remember ever playing any of them.

The PVC holder folded out to show the front and back of all 9 singles.  I thought it was a hassle, and a few years later it was yellowed and cracking, so I tossed it.

The sleeves are thicker than standard US picture sleeves, and a few are reproductions of an original single cover.
9 singles with 18 songs from Off The Wall, Live (The Jacksons), Thriller, the b-side only Can't Get Out Of The Rain, and Push Me Away from The Jacksons' Destiny album is perfectly matched with She's Out Of My Life.

The package photos below were swiped from eBay:

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