October 13, 2010

Karen Elson: The Ghost Who Walks

Supermodel & cabaret player Karen Elson's debut can be found at the Third Man Records store. I ran into my copy at Everybody's in Cincinnati. No one in Columbus carries it, and asking for it will only get you crooked looks. 

Her husband- rock genius of latter days Jack White, encouraged her to record after hearing some songs she was working on.  He produced the project and played drums, directed, etc..

Typical of Third Man releases, the record is beautiful and the package stunning.  180 grams in a flat black gatefold that begs to be played and displayed on All Hallow's Eve.  Inside is a 3-panel fold-out with photos and credits.   Check Karen's website for various performances including an hour long show.

Pitchfork explains the web of players, Popmatters is more about the style.

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