October 31, 2010

Pink Floyd: Echoes

Issued in Feb 2002, almost 5 months after the double CD set, this 26 song four LP box can still be found for a bargain. All the songs fade into each other to maintain the concept-album feel of their studio albums. Details about the track list and its creation can be read on Wikipedia, and here are some review links:

Amazon user reviews.

Made in Holland, the outer box is a slip cover for the 4 separate single-pocket jackets (pictured above, and right). Inside each jacket are color coordinated inner heavy sleeves (pictured below). These are holding heavy records with matching colored labels. There are no paper or poly sleeves, you'll need to add your own, they fit nicely inside and should have been supplied. If you have this set shipped, it's very possible the records will split through this heavy inner sleeve. They are nice, filled with lyrics/credits, but not very protective.

Each record has a track list on one side, the other includes snips from the original artwork over the corresponding color, with a different snip for each of the four records. Nice detail.


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