November 5, 2010

sealed eBay booty

One of my favorite songs from '89/'90.  I bought the 12" back then on gold vinyl but then sold it when the full song was added to the CD re-release (was originally planned as a b-side and not included on the initial debut).  There's nothing else in the Stone Roses catalog quite like the groove of this track, though some of Ian Brown's solo stuff comes pretty close.

Very cool to find a still-sealed gold vinyl copy again. Also cool that I bought it on 10/10/10.  #youtube

There's nothing great about the extended A side, but the b-side is a non-album instrumental track with that familiar drum machine and guitar line.  I've only seen it once before in the used bins years ago, which I bought for 4 or 5 bucks.  This sealed copy was $1.24 


Another sealed replacement for my old used 1986 copy, quite worn from back in the day.  Very cool extended version with an even heavier bass than the album version.

album version @youtube

From Alison's solo debut, All Cried Out is probably my favorite from her.  This is the first time I've heard this remix that swaps out the long album intro for a dub-like intro before the first verse kicks off acapella. Love these import singles!

video edit
I saw this Blondie import in person only once before, at a record convention in the late 80's. A guy was buying it for $10 but I got to look at it for a minute. This sealed copy was $1.50

This was the last original Blondie single, from their last album before splitting, The Hunter in '82.  Island of Lost Souls was the last single in the US.   #youtube
Who doesn't love Manfred Mann?  I forgot about this song The Runner, and the Olympic video.  Can't go wrong with this extended version import for a buck!


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