November 5, 2010

Fleet Foxes

I picked this record up because so many people with similar music tastes included it on their Best of '08 lists.  I didn't sample it online before buying, I wanted to be freshly wow'd.  I'm listening to it now for the 4th time, and for the 4th time, I just don't connect with anything about it.  It's a very nice package, with beautiful heavy Sub Pop discs, I WANT to connect with it, I'm very much in the mood for a 60's vibe today, but... I'm just not gettin' it.  In fact, sorry to say, it's quite cringe-worthy, especially on a budget turntable.  My copy is now for sale. 

As mentioned, it is very nice packaging: disc 1 is the debut album, disc 2 is their second EP Sun Giant, which predates the album release by a few months.  Two heavy Sub Pop records come in a gatefold with download card, and a couple of single-sheet inserts with notes and thanks.

@MetaCritic- reviews from RollingStone, Spin, Pitchfork, PopMatters, etc.

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