December 11, 2010

First Tri-Color

Featured in the book Extraordinary Records, the African Pirates 12" by Nightmares On Wax is my first tri-color vinyl.  It's also my first cloudy vinyl.  A few music forum members suggest this is what happens when records packaged in clear PVC sleeves are stored under fluorescent lights: the UV rays cause the vinyl to react where it has contact with exposed sleeves (but not where the sleeve was protected from the light, like under a sticker).  Play hasn't been effected since the grooves weren't in contact with the sleeve.

Above is my copy, below is what it should look like, taken by Groovaholic on flickr.

This release by Warp Records contains 2 of 3 available versions of African Pirates.

JD73 Mix
Troubleman Mix
Album version from In A Space Outta Sound.

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