December 16, 2010

Spoonful Booty

Made a few trips to Spoonful Records recently (less than 4 minutes from home!). Was happy to find a bunch of 45 clocks made locally by iKC, who also turns records and album covers into all sorts of things like notebooks, coasters, book ends, and clocks (LP and 45 sized)

I picked up this sweet Bill Haley 'Rock Around The Clock' Decca clock, but am still hoping for a clock with a Spoonful label release.

My second visit had me flipping through all the $1 records. Lots of 80's goodies, some still in original shrink: Hooters, John Wait, a few even with stickers: Mr. Mister, Eagles, Michael McDonald, and a still sealed Gold & Platinum Vol. 2 from CBS Records.  Lastly, a John Anderson album featuring Down In Tennessee, an song I'd been looking for since I first heard it on the radio in '85- sealed for $6.  The Midnight Oil is a brand new looking record in a VERY beat-up cover- how does that happen?  I'll find a better cover for a buck or two and have a near mint copy for a few bucks.  I'm very pleased with the condition of all these records, most look very close to new.

Went for a third visit when Brett posted on Facebook he just got in Florence + The Machine, which has topped my want list since seeing 4 videos on TheCoolTV recently and  is now my favorite album purchase of the year.  Also grabbed the Black Keys' Brothers album while I was there.

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