July 29, 2011

eBay: 114 Gram Blondie

How I love Deborah Harry!  Here is Deb's first remix set from 1988, with a few Blondie tunes to fill it out. 

Of note is the excellent Teddy Riley rework of Rapture, the Justin Strauss mixed In Love With Love- far superior to the Stock Aitken Waterman 12" A-side mix, and a new dancier Backfired- even though the best part is when it turns into a sort of dub version for the last 2 minutes. The Tide Is High is turned into a great reggae dub by Coldcut, and a fantastic-for-its-time Call Me mixed by the master Ben Liebrand.

Heart Of Glass is the original 12" mix, but a few others are wasted opportunities: Atomic is the album version, Sunday Girl is the original French version. Both The Jam Was Moving and French Kissing had great 12" extended mixes but they used the album versions here. Both great tunes tho!

Soundtrack blunders are here too: Rush Rush from Scarface, and Feel The Spin from Krush Groove- both original 12" mixes and both extremely forgettable.

The new mix of Denis is... just not good.

The European version has fewer songs (9 instead of 13!), missing The Jam Was Moving, Rush Rush, Atomic, and Sunday Girl, but Heart Of Glass is a remix by Shep Pettibone instead of the original Disco 12" mix, and Shep's mix was a single there.

Not having the yellow & orange sticker like retail copies, I figured this was a record club version when I bought it, and it was, but I couldn't pass it up for $7 sealed.  It looks amazingly factory fresh!  I normally avoid the record club issues and look for copies with a sticker ('cause I'm neurotic about the stickers).

It's a nice gatefold double set, with plain white inners holding extremely light records. The vinyl is so thin I used a friend's digital scale to weigh them- 114 grams!  I thought a record should never be less than 120?

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