July 22, 2011

Hot Tuna: Steady As She Goes

It's been forever since I heard mention of Hot Tuna, but I used to hear of them frequently. Strangely though, I've never heard their music, and even more strange is that looking over their back catalog now, not a single album cover looks familiar after decades of looking through record & CD covers.  They had some very cool artwork I would have paused to study.  Such is the case with their album Steady As She Goes- which I spotted on the new-release wall in a customer video of the one year anniversary of my fave record store, Spoonful, and had to find out what it was.  I have to thank Raymond for posting the video, this is one incredible album!

This is a half-speed mastered double set on heavy audiophile vinyl, with the 4th side being an etching.  Records are in poly-lined white sleeves, in a stunning gatefold jacket with song credits, thank-you's and photos. Full CD is included as a bonus, as is a temporary tattoo. 

It's a pricy bugger at $35 pretty much everywhere, but very worth it.


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