July 23, 2011

JPT Scare Band

While browsing through new vinyl listings on eBay a couple weeks ago, this trippy green & yellow swirl scrolled up the screen to catch my eye. Being a sucker for colored vinyl, I went right to youtube to listen to something- and had my socks shredded right off!  Before the song was even over I knew I would be buying this album right away.

Called 'lost pioneers of proto-metal' by Classic Rock Magazine, these guys have been doing it their way since the early 70's, and this is their first archive release that pulls together killer unreleased material from past tapes ranging from their 2001 recording of Long Day (video below), all the way back to Amy's Blue Day from '74 and Stone House Blues from '75- all incredible extended guitar jams that shouldn't be missed.

You can read an official bio on the band here, but you gotta hear some of this stuff to appreciate the history. 

Material recorded in 2004 and released in 2009 on the Kung-Bomar label was listed by Rhapsody as one of 10 essential proto-metal albums along with sets by Vanilla Fudge, Jeff Beck, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, the Scorpions, and Blue Cheer.  

That's some serious accolades and hopefully that album will also get a double vinyl release somehow.

This was the first vinyl release from Ripple Music, and they did a fine job on it!  Limited to 500 pressings, this is a double psychedelic green & yellow swirled vinyl housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket with a wall-worthy cover.  In-depth notes for each incredible track, along with credits & photos fill the inside cover.
There are TWO vinyl-only bonus cuts, and a download card for the full album with the extra tracks (not on retail digital versions). 

I ordered my copy from the label's eBay store, it arrived just 4 days later, expertly packed, and included a hand-written thanks on my receipt, sticker and printed catalog of Ripple Music releases so far.  Pretty cool!

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