July 31, 2011

White Vinyl Suprise

I hadn't been to Thunderpussy since last summer since Spoonful's inventory is closer to my musical tastes. Thunderpussy really caters to the indie & hardcore crowd being so close to campus- which was great, but I usually recognized very little of their inventory and often left empty handed and trying to remember a few names to check out online when I got home. 

Now that I have an iPhone, I love being able to stand in front of a record bin, looking at an album I'd never heard before, and be able to sample it on iTunes or a dozen web sites, or I can look up the band's site and see if there is a special edition to look for instead.  I no longer have to chance something unheard because it looks interesting- which occasionally turns out to be a dud.  Or run home to listen online and then run back to buy if I really like it.  With that idea in mind, I went in yesterday to find something a little different- a little harder since I've been in that mood lately.  I found it in the D section and headed home with 45 minutes still on the parking meter.

Different indeed!  At first, it's thunder with melody, then it becomes a story. It's part 3 of a 6 part story, actually.  And I have to find parts 1 & 2 now.  I was slightly disappointed there was no download card when I opened it, but then I noticed the vinyl was white- totally makes up for it!  It's a double set in a gatefold, plain white inner sleeves, no inserts or lyrics- credits are inside the cover, no download. 

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