August 9, 2011

More Black Keys

Had I heard this record 9 years ago, I would have been a big Black Keys fan all this time.  Instead, I discover them this year and play catch-up with their catalog.

The Big Come Up was their first album, with initial copies on white vinyl. 

Since 2002 it's been reissued a number of times on vinyl in various colors: pink, white, purple, orange, blue, green, yellow, red, marbled brown, marbled orange, clear purple, clear, and of course black.

This year they pressed it as a black 180 gram audiophile version, as well as 2000 copies on clear vinyl and packaged inside this special edition inverted cover.  It's been on clear vinyl before, but in a regular cover. Notes are on the back, there's no inserts or anything inside but sweet thick vinyl in a plain white sleeve.  Strangely, this is my first clear vinyl.

The vinyl contains alternate versions of three songs, as well as a completely exclusive vinyl-only track.

The Black Keys online.

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