August 12, 2011

More Ripple Goodness!

After getting the great JPT Scare Band album Acid Blues Is The White Man's Burden a few weeks ago from Ripple Music, I looked further into the Ripple vinyl catalog and I had to go back for more:  I found some Stone Axe songs on, which needed to be on my turntable as soon as fundage was available!  Nightwolf was the first song I heard- exclusive to the Heavy Ripples double 7"- and that's all I needed to hear to pull the trigger on that.  I didn't want to spoil the rest by listening ahead of time.

7 inchers usually aren't my thing- and no, heavy-metal homos- I'm no size queen!  Even back in the day when so many albums only had a couple good songs- I bought the full album.  I liked hearing a whole side worth of the same person rather than just 3 or 4 minutes, and I liked full album packaging to look at while I listened.  The exceptions were exclusive b-side singles, or a wank-worthy picture sleeve. Hey I gots no shame!  Even then though, I looked for the 12" single, and only bought a 45 as a last resort. 

This thing may be small, but it's friggin' lethal!  Two split 45's host 5 cuts by 4 bands- Grifter has a 2 track plaster-blastin' side that's making me drool for their upcoming album (Ripple says vinyl is likely!).  Stone Axe.... well.. I just don't have adjectives cool enough for these guys.  Mighty High and Sun Gods In Exile are kick-ass wax mates, bringing up the B & D sides.  Inside the gatefold is artwork by illustrator Wayne Braino Bjerke.  First pressing is limited to 500 copies, available at the Ripple Music store.

Ripple Music / their blog: The Ripple Effect
Stone Axe
Mighty High
Sun Gods In Exile
Pressed at Gotta Groove Records

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