August 24, 2011


One of two compilations I missed from Record Store Day '09 and finally found on the cheap: Thrill Jockey's Records Toreism- a 5 song compilation of then-new bands on the label, including an exclusive track by Trans Am (from 2005). 

This is limited to 900 handmade copies: the front cover drawing is by PostTypography, depicting the future of record stores supported by music fans, and the back cover is the future of record stores if music consumers fail to support the brick and morters- silk screened and put together by Crosshair of Chicago. Included are a pretty hefty black & white 'zine featuring record store tales by a selection of record store owners from across the country (including Used Kids of Columbus!), and a smaller booklet detailing this release.

Thrill Jockey

Record Store Day

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