January 15, 2012

Antena: Camino Del Sol

Browsing Spoonful the past few times, I've wondered what's up with a separate section of albums under a "Numero Group" card.  A quick flip through what looked like local or regional titles to me, and I wasn't much interested.

Browsing again just before Christmas, the store empty except for the owner and his dad, I asked what the Numero Group stuff was.  Brett (owner) explained about the Numero label and their mission, and put on an open copy of Antena's Camino Del Sol, telling me a little about the record.  A minute or two into the first track, I claimed a copy for myself..
I LOVE Bossa Nova but sadly have none in my collection except a single track by Bebel Gilberto called Lonely, used on a Virgin Megastore CD comp from 2000.

This 2010 pressing is of the 2004 expanded CD reissue of Antena's 1982 five song EP Camino Del Sol, with a second LP of additional session tracks, label compilation cuts, and period outtakes. The inner sleeves are recreations of the original sleeves of Camino Del Sol and Boy From Ipanema.

The Numero releases are very nice quality: heavy vinyl, printed sleeves, and tip-on gatefold jackets.  At first glance they don't look like anything special, but they really are.

No included CD/download, just very nice vinyl.

Here is Isabelle Antena's blog with terrific info and interviews.

Isabelle Antena on myspace.

The Numero Group online.

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